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Player Safety! The Kawhi Shot, Roundball Rock, and Jean Shorts

Sportsfeld is back again this week, giving you a dash of consistency in this changing world! Jake and Zubes start off by discussing the one year anniversary of the Kawhi shot, the importance of face-to-face social interaction, & how soon the major sports leagues will return. After that it’s the 'Of the Weeks' and Mailbag, where the guys talk about their favourite views of the city, potential names for the new NWHL franchise, and why Stubby Clapp is the best name in sports.

If you haven't seen yet on our social media, Sportsfeld has chosen to partner with Red Door Family Shelter to raise awareness of their services in our community. We are pledging to donate 100% of the proceeds from the Limited-Edition Sportsfeld x Red Door t-shirt and reinforce the idea that when we work together to help each other, we change lives. Enjoy the episode!

INTRO 0:00 | How are we doing?

3:00 | Kawhi shot anniversary

6:40 | How quickly did the playoffs go by?

8:30 | How was the week?

11:00 | Importance of social interaction in these times

14:45 | Beer of the Week


19:00 | Will sports come back?

23:20 | How long will they last once they're back? 25:15 | NBA Return

29:20 | The power of player bargaining

32:00 | Do sports matter that much?

34:30 | Bundesliga/MLS Mini Tournament


40:55 | Song of the Week

42:40 | Match of the Week

44:25 | What doesn't freak you out? MAILBAG

49:10 | Where would you hide in a city-wide game of hide-and-go-seek?

50:25 | What is your favourite sports theme song?

51:40 | What would you name the new NWHL Toronto team?

54:00 | What are you favourite/least favourite golf clubs?

55:25 | What's the best name of any athlete?

56:30 | What's the best sports movie?

58:00 | Favourite 90's/00's infomercial

59:15 | Which is the best kind of wrestling gear?

1:01:30 | What's your favourite view of Toronto?

1:03:40 | Construct an all-time team of the worst players to ever play for the Leafs


1:08:00 | Sad or Not Sad

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