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Osculate Osculate Bang Bang w/ Julia Haist and Calum Marsh (S03 Post-Mortem)

Look at us now, dad! We made it to the end of the season, which means we’re going to do a little look back at the models we’ve met - but first, of course, an Erin-designed cocktail inspired by this cycle’s winner! We’re joined by returning guest and ostensible fan favourite Julia Haist and first time champion Calum Marsh, both of the extremely charming cocktail podcast Everyday Drinking to talk about the cocktails that inspired it, and to generally get goofy. Get busy goofing or get busy dying, that’s what we’ve always said. Then, we discuss the Cycle 3 retrospective episode "What The Divas Are Doing Now” where we learn the apparently limited and quantifiable types of beauty there are. Erin laments not being able to print the internet, Cassie issues a correction on the fate of an inflatable llama and Producer Spouse shares some funny names from a video game he’s been playing. Are you in desperate need of it all? Because that’s what this episode has got!

If you’re reading this the day it appeared in your feed, (June 30th), TODAY is the last day to purchase an ROP x Maggie’s TO “Model Citizen” shirt! All proceeds go to supporting local sex workers impacted by COVID-19.

Everyday Drinking:

S03E13: What The Divas Are Doing Now

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