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On the Phone: Sean Woodley

Joining Clay on the phone this week is Sean Woodley (TSN, Locked On Raptors, Raptors HQ) to chat about his new podcast, the appropriate gift for a ¹⁄₁₂th birthday celebration, and how much they love the phrase 'entrepreneurial spirit. Sean then opens up on making the jump from journalism school to 'new media,' being paid three dollars to write Raptors content, and co-authoring a book... in four days!

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0:00 | Intro

3:00 | Sean on the phone

5:30 | How it feels to podcast over the phone

7:00 | Learning to appreciate the fun side of basketball

10:00 | The 'Uhh Basketball?' origin story

12:15 | The Sean Woodley origin story

16:25 | The importance of the 'Entrepreneurial Spirit'

19:30 | Rising through the ranks at TSN

22:00 | How it feels to write a book & see it published

25:10 | Recognizing the people who've helped you out along the way

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