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Oh, To Be Damp (S01E07)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Y’all mind if we get a lil cheeky this weeky? Folks, it’s time to talk about “The Girls Who Get Really Naked” and boy oh boy, they get, uh, really naked. Sort of. A lot of the nudity is implied and one model takes a rather confused moral stance about the whole affair. Guess who!!! Also, we discuss narcolepsy, which demands to be taken seriously.

S01E07: “The Girls Who Get Really Naked" [00:01:38] The life of Cass and Erin 

[00:11:03] Recap of S01E06

[00:12:23] S01E07: “The Girls Get Really Naked”

[00:13:55] “Tyra is coming in to shoot them… Tyra wins again!”

[00:17:08] Going to Carven to meet Pascal Millet

[00:19:36] “Gloves”

[00:21:32] Drama in Paris 

[00:24:28] Dinner date challenge 

[00:29:51] Weird men and the presidential suite 

[00:32:06] Adrianne wins the challenge 

[00:35:44] Nude shoot 

[00:39:19] The era of ‘sex sells’ in 2000s fashion

[00:45:11] Adri and Elyse’s photos; Robin and Shannon refuse to shoot 

[00:55:19] Back to New York City

[00:59:21] The judges examine the photos

[01:04:43] Tyra sets up Robin 

[01:10:56] Bye Robin

[01:15:54] This week’s fashion 

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