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NFC Preview Show

In the second installment of their NFL Preview the guys shift focus this week to the NFC. Before tackling the major storylines in the conference the guys discuss Patrick Cantlay closing out the FedEx Cup Playoffs with the win at the Tour Championship, the red hot Jays rolling into a big series with the Yankees and Canadians impressing in golf, tennis and soccer. Stark is playing some of his best golf right now and had a successful weekend on the links. This edition of the T5 focuses on the main stories in the NFC before kick-off on Thursday night. Are the Buccaneers still the cream of the NFC crop? What will things look like in New Orleans with Drew Brees exchanging his helmet for a headset? Is this the year the Cowboys bounce back? Which rookie QB takes the reigns quicker Justin Fields or Trey Lance? And is this truly the last dance for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers? A new weekly competition is introduced with the guys picking four NFL games per week. Rapid fire returns with the most underrated and overrated teams along with the coach on the hottest seat. Followed by predictions on division winners, wildcard teams and conference and SuperBowl champions. Stark finally unveils the NFL team that he and his family along with future generations will be supporting before giving the Lock of the Week.

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