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Momentum. Examining the Events of the Past Week

A new episode of Sportsfeld is here! This week Jake & Zubes start off by discussing the last few weeks regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and how we are currently living through a historical moment.

After the break the guys try to bring some levity to the podcast through sports and introduce the Beer of the Month. Zubes tries to start off the sports segment by talking about the NBA but quickly slips into an Anti-MLB rant and Colin Kaepernick’s future in the Football Hall of Fame (40:00). After that, it's the of-the-weeks and mailbag, where the guys talk about their childhood sport fantasies, how space is fake, and they rank the “Big 4” commissioners.

Obviously Jake & Zubes end it off with Sad or Not Sad.

Enjoy the episode!


01:00 | Protests & Black Lives Matters

17:00 | Pandemic


20:00 | Hendersons

22:00 | Slurping & Discussing


24:00 | NBA Return Dates

26:00 | MLB Is Going To End Baseball

35:00 | Colin Kaepernick In The HOF?

44:00 | Hockey Diversity Alliance& Fighting Racism In Hockey


47:00 | Song of the Week

49:15 | Match of the Week

50:00 | What Doesn't Freak You Out?


53:00 | Was your go-to sports fantasy scenario you imagined yourself in?

55:00 | Did you guys see they went to space again?

57:00 | How would you rank the “Big 4” commissioners

59:00 | What is your level of excitement for the 2020 MLB Draft tonight?

1:00:30| What is your perfect start time for a sporting event?

1:03:00 | What is the best song?

1:05:00 | How do snakes even move?

1:05:30 | Accepting the logic that Zack Sabre Jr. is a better tournament wrestler than standard-format wrestler because of his style and approach, how many matches into a tournament does that advantage begin to reveal itself?

1:07:00 | NJPW Cup Predictions?

1:09:00 | Has there ever been someone in either of your lives where you had a moment where you were like, oh this person is going to blow up?

1:11:00 | What is the best and worst deli meat?

1:14:00 | SAD / NOT SAD

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