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Jellicle Cat Jellicle Chat (S02E04)

Do you want to be on top? How do you cultivate a personal style? What on god’s green earth is a jellicle cat? All these questions, and more, will be half answered on this week’s episode, as we watch “The Girl Who Needs Six Months Of Modelling School.” The girls learn about expressing themselves through fashion with the help of a cranky British misogynist, one of the models conceals her autoimmune disease, nobody is helpful to Jenascia and Cassie has a lot of thoughts about the rather confused worldbuilding of Andrew Lloyd Webber (and by extension, T.S. Eliot)’s Cats that ultimately causes more confusion. Later, Erin and Cassie solve racism.

DON’T FORGET: Starting next week, the show is moving to Tuesdays! We’ll see you February 4th!

S02E04: The Girl Who Needs Six Months Of Modelling School

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