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Finally, Stark Has Come Back to Rogers Centre!

Stark made his triumphant return to the Rogers Centre for the Jays first game back home and discussed the atmosphere and the occasion. Masaro is jazzed that Rodgers has returned to the Packers and discusses how things move forward in Titletown. With growing vaccination rates in the NFL, how much of a factor will Covid play this season? The guys discuss Carson Wentz's injury and look forward to the Hall of Fame Game this week. Penny Oleksiak became Canada's most decorated Olympian and the Canadian Women's Soccer team will play for Gold this week. The Blue Jays were busy on a very active MLB trade deadline day and the guys close out the T5 with one signing they liked and one they didn't during NHL free agency. A new game is introduced this week called "What If?" and the guys go through some different scenarios. Stark finally-stark-has-come-back-to-rogers-centrefinally takes the tee from Masaro in this week's Locks of the Week.

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