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I Love It When You Call Me Big Haunches w/ Julia Haist (S01E09)

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Look at us now folks! A whole season of this show and we’re only mildly teetering on the edge of a House Of Leaves-style madness trying to make sense of it all. Today, we talk about the Cycle 1 finale, “The Girl Becomes America’s Next Top Model” and we enlist the help of our good friend Julia Haist (Toronto-based actor, comedian, writer, director) to experience it with us. We discuss the wins, losses, heartbreaks and fashion of our three finalists and find out what all of them, including the winner, got up to after the show. We also get into the etymology of the word “milquetoast”, repeatedly discuss Stardew Valley way too much, and try to figure out just what the heck this reality show from a decade and a half ago has to tell us, if anything at all. We bet it’s something!

S01E09: “The Girl Becomes America’s Next Top Model"

[00:01:49] Introducing guest Julia Haist

[00:04:56] Talking heads with Cass, Erin & Julia

[00:18:15] Recap of S01E08

[00:18:52] S01E09: “The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model”

[00:23:41] The pinnacle of American fashion

[00:28:38] Baby Phat & the stomp walk 

[00:32:18] “Milquetoast”

[00:36:51] No one “deserves to win”

[00:42:42] Deliberations & Jesus said… 

[00:45:03] Elyse is too smart for this show

[00:48:09] And then there were two

[00:54:39] Perms & Bowl-cuts

[01:00:53] Last fashion show 

[01:03:13] The final judging 

[01:12:01] Tyra’s ‘dramatic’ monologue 

[01:15:25] And the winner is...

[01:17:04] Shannon after the show 

[01:23:34] Adrianne and her story after the show

[01:30:58] How culture has changed since Season 1 

[01:41:23] This week’s fashion

[01:51:00] Follow Julia & thank you!

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