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Hockey Town! NHL News, Korean Baseball & Buffalo Pizza?

If you haven't seen yet on our social media, Sportsfeld has chosen to partner with Red Door Family Shelter to raise awareness of their services in our community. We are pledging to donate 100% of the proceeds from the Limited-Edition Sportsfeld x Red Door t-shirt and reinforce the idea that when we work together to help each other, we change lives.

Sportsfeld is back this week and change is in the air, as Zubes contemplates a new career in TV, the Buffalo Pizza lovers invade Jake's twitter, and the guys reckon with the fact that Murder Hornets exists. They then talk about the return of baseball in Korea, and the potential return of the Premier League in the UK, before debating what the best North America city would be to host an NBA or NHL return. After that, its time for the 'Of the Weeks' and the Mailbag, where the guys expose the lack of integrity in Monster Truck racing, and put an end to the Double Espresso debate.


0:00 - How are we doing?

1:40 - Murder Hornets?

5:00 - Going to America

7:30 - Zubes' new acting career

15:30 - Beer of the Month


20:25 - Korean Baseball returns

26:02 - Will the Premier League comeback this season?

33:05 - NBA & NHL Bubble Cities

36:40 - Are the athletes getting a raw deal?

39:10 - Mikko Lehtonen signs with the Leags

40:50 - Kevin Durant returning for the playoffs?

43:30 - Missing baseball


46:05 - Song of the Week

47:55 - Match of the Week

49:00 - What Doesn't Freak You Out


52:10 - If there was no COVID how do you think the Jays, Leafs and Raptors would be doing on this day?

54:00 - Favourite throwaway joke from The Simpsons?

55:15 - Is a double espresso one coffee or two?

56:20 - With the ‘rumours’ of the WWE up for sale, who is your dream buyer?

57:50 - If you could own any championship ring of your choosing, which team/player/year would you choose?

58:50 - What is the longest friendship you have?

1:00:25 - What's the best and worst categories that could be revealed for your reservoir of trivia knowledge?

1:01:30 - Is there a conspiracy theory that you believe?

1:03:15 - If every business was open to you and only you for a 24 hour period, what would you do with that time?

1:04:25 - What was your favourite 90s school yard fad? Pogs, marbles, etc


1:06:08 - Sad or Not Sad

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