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Guerilla Prayer Circle (S01E02)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

On this week’s episode, we get into “The Girl Is Here To Win, Not Make Friends” and attend Miss J’s runway crash course alongside the contestants. Wyclef Jean is awarded as a prize for some strange, cross-promotional reason, Robin diffuses an argument with the power of prayer, and we discuss some good fashion we saw out in the world. Also, to the horror and disgust of her cohost and producer-spouse, Erin debuts a new signoff.

S01E02: “The Girl Is Here To Win, Not Make Friends" [00:01:03] Recap of S01E01 [00:03:28] The life of Cass and Erin [00:09:45] The history of “I’m not here to make friends”

[00:11:51] S01E02 – “The Girl Is Here To Win, Not Make Friends” [00:13:48] New theme song [00:15:07] Robin and the Bible [00:19:31] “We see Tyra” [00:20:42] Figuring out the runway walk

[00:25:45] Front Street Pizza [00:27:09] Practicing the runway [00:31:43] Jay’s notes on the runway walks

[00:33:53] Elyse goes off on the girls  [00:36:11] The girls party with Wyclef 

[00:39:58] Photoshoot with Stuff Magazine 

[00:49:03] Elimination time and final runway analysis 

[00:51:54] Janice hates Katie 

[00:59:16] Katie is cut and her aftermath 

[01:02:35] Looking at today’s fashion 

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