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Graf, Seles, and the ‘95 US Open Final

The actions of Gunter Parche changed the sport of tennis for ever on April 30, 1993. Monica Seles was on track to smash the record books until Parche, a Steffi Graf superfan, stabbed Seles during a changeover at the Hamburg tournament. Graf and Seles were lodged in a rivalry that was on track to redefine the sport. Seles remarkably came all the way back, meeting her great rival once again in the 1995 US Open Final. Come join the Patreon family for bonus content and ad-free episodes: Follow @OpenEraPod on Twitter! And say hello to @DesaiDevang while you're there. If merch is your thing, be sure to check out the store: Or reach out to the show and say hey: If you enjoyed today’s show, please rate Open Era 5-Stars on Apple Podcasts. See you again next week for an all new episode of Open Era.

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