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Goodbye to the Golf Season

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Last week Stark and Masaro both played their final rounds of the golf season as the weather has taken a turn making conditions less than ideal. The Lions came out using every trick in the book and took an early lead against the Rams on Sunday before Stafford took control and handed his former team their seventh loss of the year. The Bengals looked impressive winning convincingly in Baltimore while the Chiefs struggled again. The NFC division leaders set the tone with impressive records through seven weeks. Alabama jumped ahead of Oklahoma to claim third spot in the NCAA Top 25, with five ranked teams losing last weekend. This week sets up some big matchups in the Big 10 and both divisional pictures may become a little clearer. The Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves begin the World Series in a match-up of two different styles. The Astros look for the second title in five years while the Braves look for their first since 1995. Stark gives his thoughts on the Leafs start to the season, while Masaro tries to calm him down. Another week of pick'em and another 3/4 taken by Masaro which extends the season lead to 19-9. The guys share who they are Starting and Benching and Stark keeps the tee in the Lock of the Week.

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