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Freaked Out! COVID 19, Raptors & Trying To Lighten The Mood

Jake and Zubes are back but this time freaked out about the rapid growth of Covid 19. The leagues are shutting out fans and some teams are trying to play elsewhere? After trying to deal with the panic the guys come back from the break to talk about the Raptors vs. Jazz and their ability to lean on different players every week. The Leafs have figured it out, just play Morgan Rielly and over in Blue Jays land, the guys are bought in. In the mailbag Jake and Zubes are asked about jerseys, rebrands and dream rotation. Of course we end up asking if they are Sad or Not Sad?

00:00 - Corona virus is here and its not good.

05:00 - Sportsfeld Live Update

06:00 - Drinking Boneshaker from Amsterdam

08:00 - Freaked out

11:00 - Playing sports without fans


23:40 - Raptors vs. Jazz

24:55 - Contender status earned

27:20 - OG reminds me of Kawhi!

29:15 - Norm Powell is incredibly fun

32:05 - Kyle Lowry's second life

Maple Leafs:

36:45 - Maple Leafs vs. Lightning

38:30 - Goaltending is 90% of the sport.

Blue Jays:

40:30 - The Blue Jays are keeping interested in preseason

42:00 - What about this guy, Mitch Haniger?

44:15 - Song of the Week

45:50 - Match of the Week

47:25 - Does this freak you out?


49:15 - The most aesthetically pleasing jersey match-up in sports.

51:35 - Who headlines the corona virus concert that brings us all together?

52:20 - You can build a house at no cost and you get to add any over-the-top features that you want. What would you want in your house?

53:45 - What is your favourite thing about yourself?

55:05 - What is the one song you have the best chance to recreate entirely from memory?

56:45 - What's your best story of "mutually parting ways"?

58:40 - What team is most in need of a rebrand??

1:01:30 - Which Raptor would you most like to have as a roommate?

1:03:15 - If you could know the truth behind one secret or mystery, what would it be?

1:05:00 - If you could select your all-time rotation of pitchers, who would be in the 5-man?

1:06:45 - What sport works best with an empty arena?

1:07:30 - When you hear the TV Static sound of the HBO Logo, what theme song pops into your head?

1:08:40 - What is the absolute worst concert/sporting event experience you have had?

1:11:30 - Sad / Not Sad

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