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For Fans Of Swimfan (S03E02)

Y’all already know who it is! This week, we watched “The Girl Who Is Codependent” and see the models go on a quick little jaunt to Jamaica, as a bit. Producer Spouse accidentally gives himself a truly humiliating nickname, Cassie can’t stop referencing the 2002 thriller Swimfan (15% on Rotten Tomatoes, folks) and Erin might kill Jake if and when this quarantine ends. We find out what prizes are at stake this cycle, Kelly is extremely rich at everyone, Anne and Eva become literal fast friends and Cassie says the thing that’s the title of the podcast! Later, Erin and Cassie solve racism again. S03E02: The Girl Who is Codependent Show Instagram: @restingonprettypodcast Email the show:

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