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Cory Adjacent (S01E03)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

It’s makeover week! Today we talk about “The Girl Gets Rushed To The Emergency Room” and we rush (not really, this is a big episode) to discuss Adrianne’s health scare, a shoot with snakes, and a difficult conversation with Nicole’s boyfriend that inspires some spicy opinions on both Corys and BMX bikers everywhere. Also, we describe at length a really cute outfit Margene the dog wore to a pool party this summer. We’ll put a photo up on the show Instagram. It’s very cute, and it’s content, baby!

S01E03: “The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room" [00:01:40] The life of Cass and Erin 

[00:05:11] S01E03 - “The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room” 

[00:10:20] The girls get a hair makeover 

[00:17:55] Day and night makeup 

[00:21:51] Heading back to the house 

[00:24:33] The day to night challenge 

[00:30:30] The girls choose their style for the night 

[00:34:33] The makeover results 

[00:36:41] The ‘little bit’ of drama 

[00:38:08] Going to the consulate 

[00:41:38] Jon gets the girls ready for the gym

[00:46:47] Exotic snake photoshoot 

[00:56:29] Ranking the photos 

[00:59:20] The girl goes to the hospital 

[01:02:15] Final makeup test  

[01:11:57] Goodbye Nicole!

[01:15:17] This week’s fashion 

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