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Confident / Not Confident? Raptors vs. 6'ers, Hockey Scrums & Jays

On this episode of Sportsfeld the guys chat about...

The Toronto Raptors:

Game 3 Sadness

The Stink Just Can't Go Away

Jimmy Butler

Kawhi Leonard, Will He Stay?

Must Win Game

Jake Wants More McCaw?

Rest Of The NBA:

Durant Is Totally Leaving

Is This Finally It?

Warriors Are Still 'The Final Boss'

Bucks vs. Celtics

Blazers vs. Nuggets

Hockey Scrums / Brad Marchand

Boy, The Blue Jays Are Terrible


Are White House Visits Dumb?

How Many DeMar's Does It Take To Trade Kawhi Back?

What Would You Wear At The Met Gala?

When Are The Dog Days Of Summer?

Sad / Not Sad

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