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Bonusfeld: Leafs vs Bruins: 2013 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (Part IV)

It's a game that will later be crowned the Game of the Decade by the NHL. After a lengthy playoff drought, the Maple Leafs are back in the post-season. They are the Eastern Conference's fifth seed and face the Boston Bruins in a best of seven series. In this exclusive Patreon series, relive the highs and all the many lows of a game that for roughly 55 minutes seemed like Toronto was destined to win. The Bruins came back and the Leafs lost in overtime. It's over. Not much to do now but examine the aftermath. Jake and Zubes go on a journey through the Leafs history of signings and trades following the collapse to Boston in 2013 and try to find a silver lining by connecting that struggle with our the present day Leafs team. Come join the Patreon family for bonus episodes, mailbags and even more goodness: Follow @Sportsfeld on Twitter and say hello to @the_Zubes and @JGoldsbie as well. If merch is your thing, be sure to check out the store: Or reach out to the show and say hey: If you enjoyed today’s show, please rate Sportsfeld 5-Stars on Apple Podcasts.

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