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Board Man Gets Paid! Owners, NBA Finals & Friends vs. Full House

On this episode of Sportsfeld, Jake & Zubes chat with theScore's Joseph Casciaro to chat about Game 3 of the NBA Finals and what is next in the Raptors/Warriors series.

- Toronto Temperature Check

- Joe Cash On The Phone

- Nick Nurse's Adjustments

- Serge Ibaka's 4th Quarter

- Board Man Gets Paid

- Are We Getting Ahead Of Ourselves?

- Durant Never Playing For Golden State Again

- The Danny Green Game

- Every Game Is A Kawhi Game

- Lowry's Freedom


- Favourite Toast?

- Ranking The Raptor Mascot

- What Do You Do First When The Raps Win?

- WWE 24/7 Title Sneak Attack?

- Do The Raptors Need To Sign Kawhi If The Win?

- What Is A Foul?

- Who's Gonna Win The G1?

- Who Wins In a 3 on 3 Game... Ross, Joey, Chandler vs. Uncle Jesse, Joey Gladstone & Danny Tanner?

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