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Baseball Island! Red Door, MLB & Talk Shows

If you haven't seen yet on our social media, Sportsfeld has chosen to partner with Red Door Family Shelter to raise awareness of their services in our community. We are pledging to donate 100% of the proceeds from the Limited-Edition Sportsfeld x Red Door t-shirt and reinforce the idea that when we work together to help each other, we change lives.

In today's episode, Jake and Zubes catch and up and talk about they're how they're spending their quarantine: Trivia nights, cooking, and of course, beers (there's even some love shown for ciders). They then move to the sports world to discuss the latest punishments in the Astros scandal, the WWE 24/7 Champion deciding to sign with the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, and how the baseball season would play out on an island. The it's mailbag time, where we find out the guys favourite video game soundtracks, favourite mugs, and the question that's on everyone's mind: How often do Jake & Zubes shower?


[0:00] How are we doing?

[3:00] Trivia Nights and home cooking

[5:36] #StringerSupports T-Shirt Program

[8:00] What are we drinking?

[10:20] New episode of Storytime


[15:00] Is baseball coming back? Will it be on an island?

[19:50] Is the NFL Coming back?

[21:00] Gronk joining the Buccaneers

[22:20] Red Sox Punishments/NHL Draft

[24:05] Last Dance & Pippen to Toronto

[26:10] Djokivc is an antivaxxer?

Of the Week:

[29:36] Match of the week

[31:30] Song of the week

[33:06] What doesn't freak you out?


[37:00] What are you albums of the year?

[39:35] What is the oldest item of clothing you own?

[42:40] First 3 talk show guest?

[44:00] What team/player would you like to see get a doc?

[45:15] Guilty pleasure pop song?

[46:30] FMK: Jose Bautista, Troy Tulowitzki, Travis Snider

[47:35] Do you have a favourite mug?

[48:25] What's your perfect HR Derby line-up?

[51:05] What's the best Outdoor yard game?

[52:45] How big of an asteriks is on the Stanley Cup/Larry O'Brien Trophy this season?

[54:25] How often do you shower?

[56:00] What food are you going to binge on post-quarantine?

[57:35] What is the best video game Be a Pro mode?

[1:02:10] Which athlete do you want to have on a live Sportsfeld?

[1:04:30] What's your favourite Sports video game soundtrack?

[1:12:10] Sad or not sad?

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