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Avry Lewis-McDougall

Clay finally gets a chance to meet up in studio with Avry Lewis-MacDougall of Avry Sports. The two discuss Avry’s beginnings as a sports media phenom, the challenges of starting a podcast in the early days of social media, and what it feels like to pee next to Kurt Warner. The two also talk about the importance of covering niche sports and exactly how cold the 2016 MLS Cup was, before ending with predictions about the NBA & NHL season, and MLS playoffs (the episode was recorded in October 2019). AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL INTERVIEW

[0:00] Intro

[2:20] Avery's Background

[5:30] Starting a podcast in the early social media days

[9:00] The importance of fashion in sports

[12:00] Asking silly questions in scrums

[14:25] Loving sports at a young age

[18:30] Recording at home in 2008

[23:10] Steve Dangle

[27:00] Covering junior hockey/finding your own niche

[33:30] Funny encounters with sports celebrities

[35:00] Clay's start with TFC & MLSE

[39:00] 2016 MLS Cup & Interviewing Champions

[48:15] Ranking Avry's Favourite Sports

[51:00] Supporting domesitc soccer/CPL Predictions

[53:00] NBA Predictions

[56:00] NHL Predictions

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